rajmohan is a photographer based in New York.

His work has been shown in several group exhibitions in the USA and the UK, including the Salmagundi Club (New York, NY); Blue Moon Camera and Machine (Portland, OR); Fazenda Gallery (London, UK); The Willow Tree (Johnson City, TN); and Soho Photo Gallery (New York, NY).  rajmohan's works are also held in several private and corporate collections in Australia, Europe and the USA.  He was the recipient of a SCNY Award for Photography in 2018.


personal statement

I am fond of Mr. Elliott Erwitt’s statement: "The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words". Therefore I’ll keep this brief.

My work is, in large part, a study of the relationship between aesthetics and emotion.  For instance, why do we sometimes experience disproportionately strong feelings in response to our perception of beauty or its absence?  Why do abstract shapes and forms trigger surprisingly emotional reactions?  Why do some images, despite technical imperfections and limitations, carry enormous power?

I explore these questions in my photographs using film and digital techniques in a variety of formats, as each has unique characteristics that influence the aesthetic qualities of the resulting photographs.