rajmohan is a photographer based in New York.

His work has been shown in exhibitions in the USA, Europe and the UK, including: Camera 79 Art Gallery (Rome, Italy); revela’t Analog Photography Festival (Barcelona, Spain); Lillian E. Kraemer Gallery (New York, NY); Salmagundi Club (New York, NY); Blue Moon Camera and Machine (Portland, OR); Fazenda Gallery (London, UK); The Willow Tree (Johnson City, TN); and Soho Photo Gallery (New York, NY). 

rajmohan's photographs are held in several private and corporate collections in Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.  He was the recipient of a SCNY Award for Photography in 2018.


personal statement

My photographs are both reminders of the transience of existence as well as gentle calls to cherish every fleeting second.

I think of life as a series of one-off moments, like kineographs or flip books, which have pictures that vary gradually from page to page, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, there is an impression of continuity. The difference is that in life, there is usually no going back to a previous page - once the moment passes, it is gone.

My ever-increasing awareness of the transitory nature of life colors my photographs, which often depict relationships between objects and people at moments in time that will never again be.