rajmohan is a New York-based photographer who works with film and digital media.

His work has been shown in exhibitions in the USA, Europe and the UK, including: Bushwick Community Darkroom Open Studio Gallery Show (New York, NY); Sala La Polaroid (Cadiz, Spain); Camera 79 Art Gallery (Rome, Italy); revela’t Analog Photography Festival (Barcelona, Spain); Lillian E. Kraemer Gallery (New York, NY); Salmagundi Club (New York, NY); Blue Moon Camera and Machine (Portland, OR); Fazenda Gallery (London, UK); The Willow Tree (Johnson City, TN); and Soho Photo Gallery (New York, NY). 

rajmohan's photographs are held in several private and corporate collections in Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA.  He was the recipient of a SCNY Award for Photography in 2018.

personal statement

I see life as a series of one-off moments, like pages in kineographs or flip books, which in sequence give an impression of continuity. Once the moment passes, it is gone forever. I make photographs of (what I feel is) that essence of the subject which transcends time.